What we do

We do the mechanical works in factories (food, chemical and processing factory) we mainly do the machine repair, installing the machine (Turnkey services,) piping in the factory, i.e. the steam pipe, chiller pipe, compressor pipes , beverage pipes as well as the material handling pipes, we professional do the new boiler piping works as well as pipe repair and extension in the factory,

We professional install the chiller, cooling tower and the compressor in the factory,

The welding works is done through TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) and MIG (Metal Inert Gas), we normally the TIG welding in stainless steel works for food and beverage factory to maintain the food production standard and food safety.

Installing the HVAC system and chiller is intensively done by Simplified Engineering mainly for the factory and commercial building to make sure the client/customer get the desired room temperature.

We finally do the insulation through the Rockwool to all hot pipe and chiller duct to cover the air transportation system and make sure no heat loss within the pipe/ duct, without forgetting the cold insulation to all line like Glycol line or Carbon dioxide piping system .

We also design and install the industrial storage tank to our customer, the tank material can be Galvanized for cooling tower, Mild steel for oil, fuel or stainless steel for food and beverage.

We hope to build a reputation synonymous to excellence and innovation and upon which take our services around the country and region. We demonstrate ability in servicing the factory and we know how to fulfill our customer needs through our highly skilled professionals with a collective wealth of experience.